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Flying Chair for sale
Swing carousel, Wave swinger,  Chair-O-Planes
(1) equipment description
The wave swinger is a popular amusement facility. The wave swinger is like an umbrella (or an umbrella that can shake one's head) with a lot of beautiful, delicate and safe hanging chairs. When the umbrella turns (or shakes its head), the chair twists and turns in the air waves. When the equipment rotates, passengers ride in the hanging chair as if flying in the blue sky, experience exciting harvest happiness. Hurricane flying chair is a large flying tower type amusement machine which integrates rotation, lift, angle and so on. When the umbrella-shaped turntable and the middle turntable reverse rotation start, the tower slowly rose, this time the turntable swayed, flying chair wave, tourists like flying in the air, fluttering, broad-sea, soul-stirring. The equipment is majestic and majestic, it has soft and gorgeous lights and colorful designs, and is one of the most beautiful and attractive amusement machines on the playground at present, as well as one of the first choice items of standard theme parks or modern playgrounds.

(2)main parameters
NameLoadRankEquipment HeightDiameterWork HeightPowerAreaWeight
Wave swinger35 PersonsB8m10m5.6m40KWΦ23m20TFlying Chair for sale

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